Statis Dermatitis

Statis Dermatitis

Stasis dermatitis is a type of eczema that develops on the lower legs as a result of poor circulation. In affected people, the valves in the deep leg veins that help push blood back to the heart begin to fail, leading to the leakage of fluid, varicose veins, and subsequent swelling of the lower legs. Early skin changes include a reddish brown discoloration. A red, scaly, itchy rash called stasis dermatitis can appear on the lower legs. Left untreated, open sores known as venous ulcers can develop. Permanent skin changes can also occur such as thickening, hardening, or a cobblestone-like appearance to the skin. Treatment includes identifying and treating the cause of the circulation problems. Compression stockings and prescription topical medications are commonly used to treat stasis dermatitis.

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